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Thermostatic Steam Trap HTK-75D/F / Bẫy hơi tĩnh nhiệt HTK-75D/F

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HTK-75 Thermostartic Strap Trap HTK-75 Bẫy hơi tĩnh nhiệt HTK-75 Bẫy hơi Hels, Turkey

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HTK 75 thermostatic steam trap is long lasting in corrosive environments with its stainless steel structure. It can be used to discharge non-condensing gases in the system. They are not affected by the ram impact on the steam lines. It is easy to maintain, the thermostatic capsule contained in it evacuates the condensate formed by following the steam saturation curve. It performs condensate evacuation continuously or intermittently depending on the condensate load in the system. HTK75 thermodynamic steam trap is produced as 10K as standard. It operates 10oC below steam saturation temperature. Optionally: It works 5oC below 5K steam saturation temperature. It operates 30oC below 30K steam saturation temperature.

Connection Types: 1/2 ”-3/4” - 1 ”Threaded BSP or NPT DN15-20-25 flanged thermodynamic steam trap connection types

Certificate: EN 10204 3.1.B upon request upon request.
certificate can be prepared.


    Follow lines
    Drying units
    Pressing units
    Steam jacketed pipes
    Air thrower in steam systems


Body and Cover: Stainless Steel

Thermostatic Capsule: Hastelloy

Max. Working Pressure: 40 Bar

Max. Operating Temperature: 250 ° C

Flange: Carbon Steel


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